Emily Burke
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To be very honest, the product description page has some very helpful information. I took my Mifeprex abortion pills as per that page. It really gave me so much information about them. Thank you.

Annie Gibbs
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I was 5 weeks pregnant when I ordered Mifeprex pills through this online pharmacy. I took them as per the provided instructions. I must say the whole process was easy, as it took me 2 weeks to get done with my pregnancy. Overall, a satiated abortion experience. Thank you so much.

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I had a successful abortion with the help of RU 486. I suggest you to buy them if you are thinking to go for medical abortion. Thank you so much.

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I'm grateful to my boyfriend and the Cytolog abortion pill for helping me in ending my undesired pregnancy.

Belinda D. Brown
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I was concerned about my order’s delivery. However, it arrived on schedule and I got all of the medications properly packed. Thanks a lot.