Sophie Williams
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I was 8 weeks pregnant. Since a lot of time had passed . I was a bit skeptical about the Mifeprex pill. But it worked flawlessly with no side effects.

Jodie Gibbons
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I was so scared when I was taking the abortion pill. But after the intake, I was so satisfied as I did not observe any side effects. Thanks a lot guys for all your support.

Isabella Lawrence
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Thank you so much buyabortionrx for sending me the abortion pills on time. I had such a good experience ordering pills from this website.

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Terminating pregnancy was not that easy. I vomited several times and had strong cramping pain. I read about it on this website while buying the pills and was ready with the medicine but it's a good thing that my boyfriend was with me. Having him by my side made it much easier.

Melissa Forster
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This is a difficult time for me. There are so many things going on. There is the study and my career and this unwanted pregnancy happened. I was so scared I didn't know what to do. I was sure I didn't want to have a child but I didn't know what my options were. Then I did some research and got to know about medication abortion. I ordered the Mifeprex abortion pill from this website and followed all the instructions correctly so that I will not be facing any complications.