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Laura Wilkins
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I am so surprised with the process. I took Cytolog and Mifeprex and the bleeding started within 2 hours. The process went so smoothly and I ended my unwanted pregnancy easily.

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I personally recommend going for the Mifeprex pill to end my unplanned pregnancy. It was worth the money I paid. Thanks a lot.

Tammy A. Serra
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Hi, I am 28 years old. My body pain was severe after taking the abortion pill, but as the bleeding passed on, the pain got ease and within 10 days my abortion got completed. I am totally fine now.

Sharon Roberson
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Best pill for ending your unwanted pregnancy is Cytolog and Mifeprex. Both pills are effective.

Sarah McGee
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Long ago my friend had an abortion with medicines so, I asked her for advice and she recommends me this website. She told me to buy an MTP kit and I did terminate my six-week pregnancy with MTP kit abortion pills and it went well.