Sarah Graham
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The website is so user-friendly. The live chat expert solved all my doubts and helped me to order the pill and make the payment. I will definitely recommend this website for abortion pills.

Emma Morrison
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My wife was 7 weeks pregnant and she started falling sick. Having a pregnancy in such conditions was not safe so we choose to abort the pregnancy with medical abortion and after taking the pill she started the bleeding. It was severe for a few days but now she is normal.

Barbara C. Thomas
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I ordered Mifeprex and took it as suggested. In the beginning, there were cramps and after a few hours, bleeding started. I felt so relieved that finally, the abortion started. After 15 days I did the pregnancy test which came negative. Thank you so much for the help.

Dylan Forster
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I ordered Cytolog from this website for my girlfriend and gave it to her as recommended. I was there with her throughout her abortion process. Gave her all the necessary things she wanted and finally, her abortion got completed. We felt so relieved.

Melissa Henderson
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Nice product, working as said. I had a successful abortion with Generic RU486.